Misc. Weekend News

By Julio Franco
Nov 3, 2002
  1. Back from a long weekend here (local holiday), here you have a few news tidbits I caught around the web:

    WinBeta.org is hosting several leaked screenshots from Microsoft's next big thing, Windows Codename Longhorn.

    Is Microsoft losing ground to Linux? at CNet. Report on the not so good press Microsoft is getting lately; not so uncommon being MS, anyway :D

    OEM PC offerings alert... Dell selling PCs at Costco & Gateway offering a new $399 PC (after $100 rebate); it's a Celeron, not intended for the performance freak but would accomodate quite well as family PC.

    Rumour mill: AMD said to lay off around 20% of North American staff last Friday, just a rumour for the time being, though.
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