missing a comp in workgroup

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im currently attempting to transfer 2000 music files and 67 videos from my computer to a laptop(both XP) using my router. In my workgroup comuters folder on the notebook my pc isnt listed, but on my pc the laptop shows up. what do i need to do? :(


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Did you run Network setup wizard on both the laptop and pc. If so and It's not showing up, run it again(on both) and reset the router, and restart both computers. See if that works. Sometimes those networks are tricky but I find to fix that I just redo the network setup wizard. It only takes a sec.


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Try searching for the computer. Sometimes it won't show up in Network Neighborhood, but will show up if you search.

Start -> Search -> Search for : Computers or People -> A computer on the network

Check your firewalls also...
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