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Jul 18, 2007
  1. I am trying to reinstall Windows 2000 on my laptop. Half way through the install it asks for the file NT5INF.CAT which I understand has something to do with the CD-ROM drive.
    I have tried rebooting with a Windows 98 disk in drive A: and it ends with a screen saying: Windows 98 has detected that drive C does not contain a valid FAT or FAT32 partition. Does this mean that Windows 2000 no longer exists on drive C or is it because it's half way through the setup?
    I can access the hard drive but not the CD-ROM drive using the floppy. Is there another way I can reinstall Windows 2000? Thank you.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Boot with the Windows 98 startup disk. At the A prompt type FDISK. Display the partitions. Delete any partitions seen. Create a new partition full sized and make that partition active. Restart the system on the Windows 98 startup disk once more. At the A prompt type "format C:" without the quotes. When the format is finished, restart and boot on the Windows 2000 disc and try the install once more.

    Note: you can convert the partition to NTFS when you see this option

    When using the Windows 98 boot floppy, pay attention to the "start with CD ROM support" and be sure to select this option. Your CD's drive letter (D or E) will be displayed near the end of the floppy boot sequence before the A prompt
  3. gbnine

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    Thanks so much for your help, Tmagic650. I'm about to follow your instructions now. Wish me luck!
  4. gbnine

    gbnine TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    OK, I've done what you said, Tmagic650. I figured that I take the Windows 98 boot disk out of the floppy drive and put the Windows 2000 disk in the CD-ROM drive and restart but I get a message saying 'Invalid system disk. Replace the disk and press any key. The only kind of response I can get is if I replace the floppy. From there, I can read the CD-ROM drive and it tells me it's a RAM DRIVE. I can also read the hard drive but at the moment its just full of DOS files. Sorry, but I don't know what to do next. Thank you for your help.
  5. Tmagic650

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    Is your copy of Windows 2000 the Pro version? The Win 2000 or the Win 2000 Pro disc is not bootable, as my Win 2000 Pro is not bootable either. Boot from the Windows 98 floppy. When you get to the place where you can read the files on the CD, type at the D or E prompt, CD i386 enter. At i386 type winnt enter... follow the on-screen instructions.

    "I can read the CD-ROM drive and it tells me it's a RAM DRIVE"...

    This RAM drive is not the CD Drive. If the RAM drive is D, your CD drive is E. Place the Windows 2000 disc in the drive and type E: CD i386
  6. gbnine

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    There’s either something odd going on or I’m completely missing the plot. It appears that I have 5 drives. When I say this I mean that I can access the drives through DOS by typing the drive letter.
    A: is obviously the floppy.
    B: has the following 27 files:
    By the way, B: is a fixed drive. I can only insert disks in drives A: and the CD-ROM.
    C: Obviously the hard drive.
    D: Volume in drive D is MS-RAMDRIVE and has the following 15 files:
    I can change to drive E: where the Windows 2000 Professional disk is by typing the drive letter in DOS but I can’t get a directory listing. It keeps coming up with ‘CDR101: Not ready reading drive E. Abort, Retry, Fail.
    Thanks again for your help so far.
  7. Tmagic650

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    A: is empty
    B: contains the Win98 boot floppy
    C: is the main or Operating System boot hard drive
    D: is the RAM drive (This is not a separate drive. It is a virtual drive in memory)

    E: is the CD ROM, but it looks like it is bad or it is not connected properly

    Since you have 2 floppies installed, this system is very old isn't it... say 4 to 6 years old? The CD ROM could just be worn out
  8. gbnine

    gbnine TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    Ok, I'll give it up as a bad job. Thanks for all your help, it was very much appreciated.
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