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Mar 18, 2005
  1. Hi, I have looked everywhere I can find for info on this problem, I have a thinkpad laptop which was running win98 perfectly, I installed win2000 and lost my trackpoint mouse completely, I download the latest ibm driver for win2000/xp and it didn't work at all, then I upgraded to xp and the pointer is in the middle of the screen but don't move. nobody seems to have a clue of what caused this and I find win98 too ancient to use, is there another driver out there that I can use? thanks
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    Since you downloaded the update for mouse drivers from IBM and they are the correct version for your hardware ,Right ?
    Then you should stick with them.
    Sometimes drivers don't get loaded correctly or the download file is corrupt.
    Try a fresh downloaded file, and then uninstall the mouse in Device manager, Delete the files from recycle bin. Reboot and guide windows ( Don't let windows install by itself) to use the new file.
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    Hmm... for any particular reason?

    You know there is hardware 'designed for' certain versions of Windows. Sometimes it really means it won't work correctly in others.
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    missing mouse

    Yes I have tried new installments and everything else that I can think of, maybe I should just be satisfied with win98 I guess, I thought that if ibm had a driver for the exact model that I have maybe I was doing something wrong. like maybe I had to change something in bios or that there may be another driver I could use to do the trick, thanks
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    There could be, depends on your computer. It's been said many times that "Plug and Play" should be turned off in BIOS for Windows versions newer than 98.
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