Missing partition: HELP!!!

By Hej
Jan 19, 2004
  1. Its my first time to use partition magic 8 and I was unaware of what i was doing...

    during my first run i tried to creat a new partition on my hardrive...it was then that i noticed a gray icon below my main partition---it says unallocated..not knowing what the heck "unallocated partition" was i continued on creating a partition.(ignoring the unallocated one)...everything went fine..then suddenly i decided to merge the partition i created (it was roughly about 30gb)..again the process was a success.

    but the one thing that bothers me now is that my hardrive is not showing up a full 80gb of hardisk space (even in partition magic my drive only displays 74.5gb)...there was no hidden partition to be found what so ever...my question is were did the rest of my hardrive space go???? does it have something to do with the unallocated space i ignored before i created a new partition???

    I was playing around with partition magic then suddenly i found this resizing cluster option so i went there the check what it was about...there i saw a bunch of wasted clusters...i tried to sum it up...and its around 5 +/- gb. is this my missing partition???

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  2. RealBlackStuff

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    The confuseion is caused mostly by HD-manufacturers. They use the term MegaByte (MB) based on multiples of 1000, whereas the official MB is based on 1024. (so 80 manufacturer's MBs is effectively 77.5 real MB)
    Also there is some space on your HD reserved for system-internal management, which you also lose.
    Don't try to get those few MB's back with PM, it would not work and is not worth it.
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