Missing Sif File

By ronobono
Jun 4, 2005
  1. Every time i try 2 install xp i get the error missing sif file
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    That file is part of the installation instruction Windows use during installation . If your XP cd is scratched/smudged the cdrom can't read it because the file has to be on a genuine Micrsoft disk .
    However if you are using a privately compiled installation disk then it was not put together correctly.
    Which kind of CD/Media are you using.
    You have another post concerning your installl problems . You should really continue with just one post for issues concerning your original problem.You will get better help quicker as the guys will be able to follow your saga in one Thread.
  3. ronobono

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    im going 2 try 2 explain everything. I got my pc off a friend and when i used it xp pro was on it but it had so much stuff on it ran really slow. So i thought i could reformatand install the winxp home disk i have...WRONG. Anyway i used something called killdisk. Killdisk asked every time it was going 2 delete something and my dumb *** hit yes 2 every single thing. So now i have a clean hd. Iread somewhere 2 download a win98 boot disk so xp would have what it needed 2 install xp from the floppy's.Since i Have tryed 2 boot xp from cd. also i was told 2 put the xp disk in the pc im using now and take the file txtsetup.sif and copy it 2 disk 1 of xp floppys and overwrite the one already on there. The problom with that is the one on the xp floppy is called txtsetup.si_ so it wont overwrite it. I have 2 post's because sometimes i get the unmountable boot volume error and sometimes i get the sif error. Also im told 2 make 2 partitions and i just cant seem 2 figure it out. Every thing worked fine intill Mr Dip **** [me] had 2 screw it up.
  4. patio

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    The amazing thing about WinXP CD's is when you put them in a machine they will boot and install...

    patio. :cool:
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