missing what hardware?

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Dec 30, 2006
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    OK, here's one for you. I reinstalled the operating system on an older Dell Latitude 600 laptop that had Windows XP professional and switched it ot Windows XP for home, which I have been using on my newer edition Dell Inspiron 700 laptop. Now the older Dell has the XP home OS running fine, but when I go to connect to the internet, it says I am missing network hardware and it can't connect. I have looked around msconfig in Run but I can't see what I'm doing wrong, unless it is physically missing something but I don't know why that would be because it connected to the internet fine before I reinstalled the new OS. I have the drivers and devices disk but it doesn't seem to want to do anything. Any ideas? jerseyjeff
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    MSCONFIG is only the startup properties of your computer. Check out your device manager to see if you can find any problems. Try updating drivers too. Welcome to Techspot :wave: !
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    XP Pro may have had the drivers for the network card, XP Home may not have the drivers and as such the network card isnt installed correctly

    Right click my computer and choose properties, now click hardware, now click device manager,,,,

    Do you see a network card listed in it anywhere...it may show as ethernet device with a yellow mark at the side.

    If this is the case you need to reinstall the correct drivers for the NIC, you say you have disks, but it is unlikely that they have the NIC drivers on them, apart from which they are available on the Dell website here. simply download the package, run the file and then in device manager choose to reinstall the drivers and point it to c:\dell\drivers\....

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    This in my experience has been a common experience but with sound cards and modems, if u look in the device mannager you will most likely see devices with yellow signs next to them . this means that drivers for that device are not installed. You gotta get those drivers. Many times windows will download them from the website of updates but you gotta connect to the iternet. I would just recommend getting a very inexpensive ethernet card at fry;'s best buy, or comp usa, or somewhere.Install it allong with drivers. Get a cheap one cause price in this case isnt that important. I have seen ethernet cards for like 2 dollas new , ad i buy wireless adapters for less than 12 bucks mostly 10 bucks by A-link at fry's. (outpost.com) or store.
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    thank you, that was good advice. I knew that I didn't have the right drivers. I did go to device manager, and the ethernet device did have question marks next to it, along with a bunch of others which were all under the network tab I think. So I went to the link you posted, and found the right model, etc. But when I went to downloads, I sort of had to guess what I needed. I went to Network which is what the machine said I was lacking, and then I was presented with a long list of drivers, none of which looked familiar. So I downloaded Intel Pro/wireless driver and installed it, and nothing. So I guess my next question is, how do I know which driver I need? You are right that the driver for that Pro NIC is not on my XP home disks, but I can't tell from Dell's list, and it's a long one, which of these drivers I am supposed to install. thank you again. -jerseyjeff
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    missing what hardware

    OK, I think I know what I have to do. I have to go buy a cheap NIC card, and then get on the web and find the other drivers and let WINDOWS install them for me. So I've been looking around and I see some cheap NIC cards, but I'm not sure if they are going to be compatible with the Latitude 660D (a) and I am not sure whether the card itself will need a driver in order to function. Any thoughts on those issues? thx
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    I cant find a 660D latitude on Dells website, what model do you have ??

    Let me know and I will tell you which driver to get, your model is on a plate under the laptop..

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    hi, it's a model Latitude 600D not 660. that may have been my typo. it seems to me that no matter what drivers I need, I will still have to go get an ethernet card for it. I have another laptop that works and I can download a driver, save it on a jump drive, and install it on the latitude, but I don't know if anything is going to work until I get the ethernet card. what do you think? thx -jj
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    Ok so its a latd600

    You can access the card and identify it see this page . then download the drivers for it..

    The entire service manual is here.

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