Mo-Bo and Graphics cards Incompatibilities

By A_Gonzales_3
Oct 8, 2007
  1. Are there any known issues with motherboards not being compatible with DDR2 graphics cards?

    My old Socket A motherboard just broke down and I have to buy a new one; I was wondering if my nVidia 6200 256MB/64bit AGP8x(DDR2) will work with just any new Socket A board. I didn't work with the old mo-bo; I have heard that some motherboards only support DDR and not DDR2(or DDR3, for that matter). If there are some compatibility issues then I would be better off buying a new CPU and board to go along with it, not to mention a new GPU as well. It would probably also make sense since I had brought the 6200 to the shop where I bought it to have it checked because it didn't work; they said it had no problems. I was forced to buy a new, lower spec card to be able to get the PC to work. I had no problems with a 5200 128MB/128bit card working, until my PC broke down a few days ago.
  2. boykov

    boykov TS Booster Posts: 74

    The most recent "socket A" motherboards should not have compatibility issues with AGP Graphics Cards..
    Since the VGA card you mention is a AGP x8, any mobo with AGP x8 support should work fine... the memory being DDR2 or DDR on the graphics card makes no difference (except on the performance of the graphics card)...

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