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Mobile Access to Exchange based public folders?

By Goalie
Jul 12, 2004
  1. I have an Exchange 2003 server to which I need to provide some highly mobile users real-time access (or nearly, within 5 minutes) to the public folder calendars.

    OMA appears to have no functionality for accessing the public folders via its interface (I've checked from within IE).

    But.. are there any devices out there which can survive standard OWA? Or perhaps just the public folder interface?

    Or does anyone know of a mobile device that can be auto-synched (or active synched) to a public folder calendar?

    Any suggestions? I've tried googling, but any terms that would match this provides useless garbage and hosting services advertising their capabilities..

    (Note: Mobile device does NOT mean a phone necissarily.. RIM blackberrys, palms, et al. are preferred over phone units.)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. netplus

    netplus TS Rookie

    Same Problem but Workaround Available

    I'm using OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) for Exchange Server 2003 with Nokia 3650 Smart Phones (Symbian OS) and I have scoured the web for a solution that allows access to PUBLIC FOLDERS through OMA instead of OWA (I think Outlook Web Access would be too slow for unsupported celluar phones (cell phones with out EAS (Exchange Active Sync) compatability.

    I find it very difficult to believe that Microsoft would invest all this development into OMA and it can't even access PUBLIC FOLDERS!! That make's OMA pretty useless since my original idea was to have road warriors out in the field accessing the companies public folder data such as contacts, schedules and tasks realtime.

    What a bummer! Have you found a work around??? No where have I read that it can NOT be done. Can you confirm this??? Please let me know. I would be greatful!!!... :)

  3. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 616


    I found this in my years of googling. It allows Public Folder access, and email access.

    The demo version is nearly fully functional, only missing the ability to SEND email. You can create items on calendars, even in PF Calendars (My main concern is over public folder calendars, which makes things double the fun)

    Also of a quirk is that the user must be visible in the Global Address Book. Because of my strong mix of users who access the public folders and don't use Exchange for mail, and those who do use it, I have many names hidden. Naturally, those were the ones who wanted to use OMA (owa-wap).

    On SBS2003 I had to add the users to the Admin group on the server. No biggie in my situation, none of the users are smart enough to use the powah for evil, thankfully. This could just be a SBS quirk, could be a Ex2003 issue too... still to be determined.

    However.. I'm a free demo user, I emailed Lee about a problem I was having, he responded to me despite being a non-paying customer. Was kind, courteous, and informative. That may be the highest reason I suggest him.

    For $150 you can get a license to allow you to send. I'm never going to use the features provided by registration, but I'm still gonna buy the license when I can. Amazing what $.05 customer service will do for you these days (/me points and laughs at some larger companies.)

    Btw- Welcome to Techspot.. hope you stick around. :) I need a fellow (and hopefully more experienced) Exchange admin to help me with a few sticky issues. And we always love competent people around here, too. :)
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