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Mobile driver problem

By 9910047
Dec 9, 2003
  1. I recently bought myself a laptop. I have a Geforce 4 440 Go 64M graphics card from nvidia. When I go to the site of nvidia to download the newest drivers it says that the new one (version I think 50.xx ) does not support nvidia mobile Geforce 2 and 4.
    They say that I have to get my drivers from the brand of witch I bought my notebook. My notebook is a smartbook by the way.
    When I go to the driver page of my notebook it has the drivers but these are not uptodate. With this I mean that these drivers only support upto OpenGl 1.3.0 The problem is that for some games I need OpenGl 1.4
    My question is : Are there universal drivers I can use that are compatible with my videocard and that provide OpenGl 1.4 support or dod I have to wait until nvidia or smartbook post a new driver that supports my videocard?

    If anyone knows a solution I would really appreciate it, because a this stage I´m not able to play some of the newest games that are developed.

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