Mobo and memory problems... Please help

By rlewis1
Jun 25, 2005
  1. I am having some persistant problems with my memory and motherboard. I purchased the following components to built my own computer about 2 months ago.
    mobo: asus p5ad2-e
    processor: intel 640
    memory: 2 sticks of crucial balistix 5300 DDR2 @ 667 mhz
    vc: ati x800xl
    sound: sb audigy 4
    Originally i was using stock cooling but the thing ran really really hot and often shut down automatically. So i changed to a TT bigwater system. Then i tried to oc a little bit and kept it running at 233 bus speed. but after a while the system slowed down considerably so i dropped it down to 200. Over the course of 2 months from when it was built the system slowed down and then i started getting serious system errors on startup and blue screens. I tried to reinstall windows but was completely unable to. So i sent in for a replacement motherboard and when i recieved it i was able to install windows. However, one of the ram channels in the new board didnt work. I ran memtest on my sticks and one came up with errors and the other went many passes without errors. I then tried that stick in all of the new mobos memory slots and found one of the channels still to be broken. Shortly thereafter i ran memtest again on the single remaining stick and it came up with errors. I am confused as to what could be causing such persistant problems. It seems like something is screwing up the motherboards and then eventually corrupting the ram. But i dont know enough to troubleshoot the problem. Could there be problems in the powersupply or the processor, or could it be the SC or VC which are effecting the mobo?
    Please advise as i dont see these problems going away if i just keep replacing the mobo and memory.
    ryan lewis
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