mobo burnout RADI 0 transfer

By eldiablo22590
Jul 19, 2007
  1. I'm pretty sure I just fried my mobo and will probably be needing a new one. The issue is the model is a couple of years old and I can't find a replicate (I would prefer not to buy off ebay), so I'd have to buy a new model. My RAID 0 array contains some data I would like to have, but do not absolutely need. I run it using a Rosewill PCI RAID controller (I can get the exact model of this if necessary), and I was wondering that if I were to plug in the RAID array using the same controller on the new mobo, if I could at least maintain the data within the array. I dont really need to be able to boot from it, I just need the data to be there. If this were possible, I think I'll probably just reinstall Vista, since this would place all of my old files into a windows.old folder, and I could get to the data from there
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    The array will work and should boot just fine. Windows may BSOD, because the mobo is different, but you have better odds because the storage controller is the same.

    Even in case you do not get the array working, you can restore the data from the drives by using software RAID (Linux, BSD) or special recovery utilities.
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