mobo burnout?

By kali_mist
Sep 27, 2006
  1. hello everyone
    i have an asus motherboard with a pentium 4 3ghz processor, a radeon 9250 graphics card, 512 mb of ddr ram, and two hard drives. the graphics card/ monitor has apparently been playing up recently, power supply to the montior has been getting habitually interrupted and causing crashes, the screen is getting pixel loss following the cursor, and graphics drivers have been disappearing and reappearing with each reboot. after some particularly bad pixel loss goin on, i tried to reboot and the hard drives are no longer being detected. and i cant enter the setup. could all this just be down to bad ventilation? it does seem to get very hot and noisy within a short time of being powered up. also my monitor is old and ****, but can anyone tell me if these problems are likely to be just monitor-related or if the graphics card is causing them? let me know if there's any other info i shouldve provided. nice one.
  2. cfitzarl

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    It sounds more like a software problem with Windows if you ask me or something to do with BIOS (for the hard drive issue). Try another monitor and see if that gets rid of the bad picture. If you can, tell us more specs about the computer as well.
  3. kirock

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    Not booting up and being able to find the HDD is not graphics card related. The gfx drivers suddenly uninstalling and reinstalling? (Corrupted Registry file?)

    You might have a virus or your HDD is failing. I'm even going to suggest it's a dieing power supply and you're not getting enough 12V power to spin up the HDD properly. If that's the case then running your system like that could have caused all sorts of HDD errors and thus corrupted your OS.

    Boot into your BIOS and look for PC Health, you should be able to see voltages and temperatures there. Write back what they say.

  4. Tedster

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    Replace your PSU with a stronger one.
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