Mobo died. RAID problem sil3112 and sil3114 compatible?

By tennykim
May 13, 2007
  1. Hi, I've got 2 HDs total of 260GB as RAID 0 for C drive. (SATA)

    Last night, my motherboard went crazy and I realised that it requires a replacement. I didn't get any deadly blue screen or anything but it just restarted while i was running WOW. I tried to restart and my screen doesn't display anything, just beep sounds during POST (5 times in consecutive)... and discovered that its time to replace the board (ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe)

    My harddrives are, as aforementioned, RAID 0 configured with onboard Sil3114CT176 raid controller. If I change the mother board with something different, the raid won't be recognised, i heard (unless the new raid controller is the exactly same with my previous one).

    Question1. Is there anyway (let alone the screen display problem) to backup the data in C drive? I mean by all possible means...

    If it was a single disk then, I would have just take the hard drive out and the problem is solved... but I am scared if I change the motherboard or use different RAID controller, it would destory the array and therefore lose all the data...

    Question2. If I purchase a PCI raid controller (Sil3114, not onboard crap) and install it on the new mobo, will it recognise my raid array?

    Question3. Will Sil3112 instead of sil3114, recognise my raid array?

    I thank you for any help in advance. Cheers!
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