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By Zer0Soul · 7 replies
Dec 21, 2003
  1. I have a amd athlon xp 1.6 with 256mb ram. I just bought a 9600xt, yesterday. Well, i was running sis sandra, and it proceed to tell me that my motherboard was running at temps of 106c degree's at times. I was wondering how much extra case fans would help. I have a slot for a rear case fan, but I can't seem to fine a front one. I havn't had any large errors, or crashes at all, but I want to be safe anyways. Thanks..
  2. Didou

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    Try using your computer with the side panel open & see if you get cooler readings for your system temp.

    It's still a good idea to install an exhaust fan at the back even if you don't have an intake one in the front. It's not good to have all that hot air lingering around in there.
  3. Scol

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    Dang, that's kinda toasty. Where you have you're computer at? Next to the heater?? LOL

    What's your idle temps, and do you know the temperature of your case and the room?
  4. Zer0Soul

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    Idle its at 43c..but, i also realized i only have the power supply fan in there, prosseser heat sink and fan, and the 9600xt fan. Hoping by getting a rear case fan that it helps. As for the room temp, i dont know the exact, but i have the window open and the fan it's snowing outside.. im freezing my butt off..
  5. Scol

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    Yes, getting a case with better ventilation would probably help... or just increasing the airflow of your current one.... Try to pick up a few case fans, and you should see some improvement. My case temps dropped significantly since I upped to 2 front, 2 rear, one top blowhole, and PSU fan in my case (along with of course HSF on CPU).
  6. scooby

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    maybe you did not spread the thermal paste on well enough and there is bad contact? or was there 1 of those pad things on the heatsink? and what mobo do u have too?
  7. NoisySilence

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    I don't think he meant CPU temp.

    But whether it's for the CPU diode or the mainboard diode, 106°C would be hot enough to kill either one of them. It's either °F, in which case it's not too bad, or it's a bad reading. It won't hurt to add a case fan or two, granted they're not too noisy & your PSU has enough extra power for everything to work fine.
  8. scooby

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    oh yes silly me, well yeah u are right on that 1 106oC is pretty dam high for for both cpu and mainboard, unless he was looking at farenheight in which case those reading would be correct yah?? my main board temps stay around 26oC and my cpu idles at 44 (which im not sure if this is slightly high?) and under load from gaming for about 3-4 hours peaks just over 50. i have 1 of them cooler master aero 7+ fans heard they where ok but there not brill, i just liked the look of them :) . also i am thinking of getting a thermaltake case wat do u peeps think of these???
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