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Jan 30, 2007
  1. I have a shut down issue on my pc, KV7 mobo and AMD 3000+ cpu. I have extensively troubleshot the hardware and software replacing or unplugging every item except the cpu and mobo. I also booted up with no HD and only the windows boot disk and it still shuts down. The odd thing about this is when it shuts off i can not power it back up until i unplug the power supply and plug it back in. Thinking it was the power supply i tested that by allowing the system to sit in bios window for hours. Running the computer in the bios setup is the only way it will not reboot. So correct me if im wrong but that kinda rules out power supply mobo and cpu ? Let me know what you guys think. I have also tested heat and cpu is running at 52 degrees c. Thank you for any advice.
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    As a general rule:

    replace the motherboard when you suspect both the motherboard and the CPU... Unless a CPU is physically damaged, CPU's rarely fail
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    52C is quite hot for a CPU at idle. Try checking the CPU heatsink, it probably is clogged with dirt. Also, it might be the power supply since when you boot the PC up, all the fans start to spin up which pulls more power from the PSU. So it might be damaged/dying already since it gets overloaded at startup. I would more likely pin it on the temperatures though. AMD CPUs are designed to switch off if the temperature goes too high.
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    Thanks for that last post. I went back and double checked my cpu temp and it was actually 56 degrees at rest. I removed the heatsink, cleaned reapplied Grease and its now at 40 which from what i read is in line for a barton core. Seems to be working great now. Thanks
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    Don't mention it, we're all here to help. I'm just glad your problems got sorted out. :)
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