Mobo or Vid problem??

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Aug 25, 2006
  1. I took one of my hard drives out and hooked it up to another computer so I could format the drive through windows (long story). I then hooked the drive back up to my computer and tried to boot windows through the CD to do an install. It wouldn't boot so I thought maybe the boot order was messed up - which it wasn't.. So then I reset the bios to default settings and then the video didnt work the next restart. I thought, **** - I messed the bios up, so I took the battery out to reset the bios altogether and on the next power up the screen said.. "RADEON X800 Pro VO"

    Then the monitor turned off, and computer just sits.. What the hell happened to my computer?!?! Has anyone ever heard of this before? I cannot figure this out.
  2. mscott00

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    good news & bad news... I turned the comp off for a few minutes.. then turned it on and the mem check started.. I pressed delete and got it to try to get into bios.... then a screen full of lower cased r's appeared... and it the middle of it all it says "rrASSWORD DISABLED !!! rr"

    Good god, what is going on?
  3. i_am_a_newbie

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    You might have knocked a cable loose. Check to make sure all your connections are secure.

    You say one of your harddrives; does this mean you have another? Does that one have an OS on it?

    Also, what type of HDD? If it's IDE did you connect it back using the same cable(maybe it's a selective cable, meaning each connection has to be master or slave)?
  4. mscott00

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    no, its the computer that i've had for 3 years and when i took the drive out, i hooked it right back up in the same spot.. The hard drive I took out had an OS on it - but i formatted the drive to get rid of it. I have a feeling the bios isnt loading.. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. Tedster

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    your bios will boot regardless if HD's are attached. If not, you have serious problems. A BIOS failure requires a chip replacement as BIOS is stored on an EPROM. Also bear in mind your CMOS battery could be weak after 3 years. This provides POWER to BIOS.
  6. mscott00

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    Yeah, well the thing that has me stumped is I have a dual Bios mobo - so if one fails the other one should work.. It could be the battery but would that prevent the computer from turning on or would that make it so it would never hold onto settings like boot orders and date/time etc??
  7. Tedster

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    a weak or dying CMOS battery will cause errors.
  8. mscott00

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    Well thats good to know - I'll replace the battery and see if that doesn't fix it.. Thanks..
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