mobo problem?

By cryonic
Sep 2, 2006
  1. I am not sure where to post this or what topic i should put but here is the problem.

    My pc used to work fine until recently this few problems came out:

    1. Sometimes, the mouse or keyboard doesnt respond.


    well, if thats the case, at most times, it worked on the usb mouse when i just simply unplug and plug it back but for the case of keyboard it doesnt. Considered normal but not normal if it's just a 6 month old pC.

    2. The pc hangs all the sudden. Which is not supposed to happen to me when it just hangs for no reason at all, or simply said, it hangs with an idle desktop running, no torrent, no word, no active application other than antiviruses. When this happens, the keyboard and the mouse will immeadiately stop responding, even the numlock and caplocks lights wont budge. The mouse has decorative lights so that won't count.


    I simply reset it.

    3. It doesn't boot at all. No beep, cant even go inside Bios. The screen won't show anything.


    Simple, i took out the cell battery on the mobo, leave it for 1 minute or so. Place it back and magic! A reseted to default value BIOS, eventually the pc boots up.

    I did the above to solve problem number 3 because I am aware the HDD is running and never fails, I maintained my HDD weekly. The CD ROM (well yeah i still used it..) spins and responded. The fans on my GPU, CPU, mobo runs. The ram works, i already tested it on other mobos.

    When i contacted a friend who has been inside the pc issues business, he said it was normal that sometimes it happens all you need to do is reset the BIOS.

    What i don't understand is why and how could it happen?

    The next issue i want to worry about is this mobo is only 6 months old. Could it be that the mobo is beginning to show signs of *ahem... dying? It has a history where the CPU cap was closed wrongly and the cpu had lost contact of about 2-3 mm which resulted in overheating. It will definitely hang when the processes gets heavy like playing games or working on mutiple layers in Photoshop. So i had been using the cpu unaware of this said problem for like 2 months.

    The problem was fixed (opened up the cpu heatsink and placing them properly..) and soon for over month no problems until now it begins to show .. some potential mobo problems.

    Even now as the PC is working fine, i still worried about it. I am prepared to get another new mobo. Before i do so i realy want to know what is really wrong.

    Thank you.
  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    First off, I'd like to congratulate you on your thorough troubleshooting and your detailed post.

    unfortunately, I'm afraid it does sound like your motherboard has been damaged. If you have another similar motherboard available, use this to check if it really is the motherboard. If it turns out it is, you can get a warranty repair/replacement since motherboards usually come with 12months warranty.

    Good luck, let us know how you go.


  3. cryonic

    cryonic TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I decided to replace the new mobo with another new mobo. Surprisingly, I don't know why the troubleshooting done by my collegues showed no problems after formating the pc.

    I did formated my pc and still it happens. Maybe it's just happening to me. Anyway, i decided to switched my mobo just for precautioned. I am actually using an ASUS micro ATX with VIA CHIPSET, i forgot what model was it, accept i knew it still has an AGP slot.

    Sadly, I can't do anything with the warranty. It seems that I am not elligible for any warranty for labors or replacements because I updated the BIOS. Is that really true? Man this sucks.. Anyway I am planning to goof this mobo to some potential buyers since many people and friends tested it and said it was running OK, but what the heck I am not satisfied.

    I am running on GIGABYTE 945GZ micro ATX (this time with a PCI-E) with an INTEL CHIPSET, and I noticed a big difference in the CPU FAN issue. Previously the old mobo couldn't handle the fan quietly even with Q FAN ability on in the BIOS, in other words, it's supposed to be quiet but its not. I still cant figured out what is really wrong with the old mobo, i had checked the transistors, no burn, no bumps, all except the NORTH BRIDGE CHIP, i was lazy to open the heatsink.

    Well, that's it, I just went ahead to replace a new mobo. And thanks for the 'short' and 'direct' reply. Anyway I am happy with a quiet and working PC now.

    Thank you.
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