Mobo softwear

By boroboy
May 13, 2007
  1. Hi all. I had a new mobo put in my laptop but did not receive any softwear from the shop that fitted it, and need to format the hard drive. The shop is no longer trading so what can I do?
  2. Tedster

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    first of all- if you want softwear - go to victoria's secret.

    if you want softWARE, buy a copy of windows XP and install it. The CD will prompt you. Ensure you have a broadband internet connection to download updates and drivers.
  3. KingCody

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    if the "new" mobo is the same as the old one, the software that came with your laptop should work fine.

    if the mobo is a different/newer model/version, then you should be able to get updated software from the manufacturer's website.

    if your laptop did not come with an operating system disk, than you will need to purchase a retail/OEM copy.

    cheers :wave:
  4. boroboy

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    Thanks for your replys ,will take note.sorry about my spelling.
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