Mobo Unresponsive - DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR

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Nov 7, 2005
  1. Just built a new system with the above mobo as a base. Throughout the set up I encountered a couple times when I would plug the power supply back in, turn the power on (on the power supply, which is a seasonic 600w) and then the power LED would start flashing and continue. When this happened the mobo would not power up. I figured I had a loose connection, so I Pulled everything out and started a slow systematic build and checking to see if a particular piece was causing the problem. Including reseting the cmos.

    After working my way through everything, it booted up and ran great! So I installed and updated everything, played a little BF2 and everything seemed fine.

    The next day I was online for a bit in the am, shutdown for a couple hours and then tried to boot again. This time however, the LED started flashing again and it wasn't booting. Again pulled it all apart and rebuilt, it didn't restart this time though (can't remember if I reset the cmos this time)

    I can't seem to find anything in the manual or online that tells me what might be causing this. Any ideas or help would be great. I can give all the specs if anyone needs that.

  2. Rick

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    Is this the board with diagnostic LEDs on it? Take a look at the board and see if there are any solid/flashing LEDs lined up together. If there is, this might help you out:

  3. cyberslugg

    cyberslugg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey there,

    Thanks for that suggestion, unfortunately none of those led's are lighting at all (I believe they only lit when I was actually able to turn the power on the board on).

    It is the stand-by power led that is flashing. As soon as the power supply is turned on this light starts flashing and nothing else will do anything else. The times the system worked correctly, this led was constantly lit and steady.

  4. cyberslugg

    cyberslugg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    And the end result

    it appears that the Seasonic S12 power supply series don't play well with the DFI mother boards. After talking to the DFI support staff, the first thing they said when I said what power supply I has was, "These mother boards don't seem to like the S12 series... we've had several reports of exactly what you are reporting. You will need to exchange your power supply"

    Food for thought if anyone is building a system with one of these mobos.
  5. gary_hendricks

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    Hi cyberslugg,

    I'd suggest changing the power supply to a higher wattage and see if it boots ok.
  6. Merc14

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    Sounds like there could be a short somewhere. Check underneth the mob and see if something got caught there and also make sure that the standoffs aren't touching any live traces.
  7. cyberslugg

    cyberslugg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    After picking up a new 535w Enermax power supply, I have no problems at all.

    No shorts, etc, and for the record, the Seasonic power supply was a 600w unit. It also works great in other systems.

    The DFI mobo and the Seasonic Power Supply (S12 series) just don't get along. Guess it's a good idea to keep that in mind if you are building a system on the DFI mobos.

    Thanks to everyone who gave advice.

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