Mobo with what memory?

By Tobbe[x]
Mar 27, 2004
  1. Hi All

    Im buying a new system baser around the..
    --- Epox EP-4PCA3+ (i875P 4DDR-DIMM 5PCI RAID SATA GB-LAN Audio Socket478 ATX)

    My question is, what memory should i get? How does it work with DDR 400mhz // DDR 500mhz ? 500 is better right? Can i use it in my system? do you have to OC? I'm not really good at this so please don't be to technical in your answer, thanks :)
  2. Steg

    Steg TS Rookie Posts: 269

    *trys not to be technical*
    For that board you need RAM with a minium speed of that of the FSB of your CPU. If the RAM is slower than the FSB of the CPU the board wont boot. Assuming you will buy a Pentium 4 'C' or 'E' edition (200Mhz - 800Mhz effective FSB) to go with that motherboard you will need DDR400 RAM or higher. It is definatly worth getting two identical sticks and running them in dual channel mode - therefore doubling memory bandwidth - which is a good thing :D.
    You will only need RAM faster than DDR400 if you intend to overclock your CPU. ONLY do this if you have a very good knowledge of the workings of your computer, a good cooling system (the retail coolers intel supply are NOT good for overclocking), and if you know exactly what you are doing. If you do intend to overclock then DDR500 gives plently of headroom for pushing the FSB all the way to 250Mhz (1Ghz effective) which is nice.
    When buying ram for use in dual channel boards try to buy Dual Channel packs from high quality manufacters, e.g. Corsair or OCZ. Avoid unbranded ram or Crucial like the plague - the ram they supply is not good enough for high performance machines.

    BTW - Welcome to Techspot :wave:

    Hope that helps

  3. Raiders

    Raiders TS Rookie Posts: 69

    Nice return on that serve Steg I personnally learnd alot.
    Im having mem probs as well. 3 sticks of 168 pin sdram,1@pc-133,2@pc100 total of 640meg,,,With a P4 Compaq.
    I think ill get my girl another rig LOL
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