mobo wont remember my graphics setting

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May 30, 2003
  1. My asus A7n8x is a great board. It produces alot of heat. My other board kept my case at around 80 degree's and now this board is about 92 degree's. And I have eight fans in my case. Anyways It keeps forgetting my desktop settings whenever I turn the computer on in me. In XP its no problem. But ME it keeps forgetting my settings.

    Also I have another problem. You know when you buy a compaq computer they give you that cd which makes it reformat it and program it and make it turn out to be like it just came from the factory loaded with all the programs. Well i want to make one of my harddrives like that. Whenever I try to do it, I load the cd in and restart it, then it starts loading, but it wont work. The letters are all jarbled or just doesnt show. Are these cd's no longer good. I still need ME sadfully.
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    For the last "problem", you'll need to use Norton Ghost or something similar... But then you'll be able to create cd's of your Os harddrive, and restore it at any time...
    Search for this in the misc software forum...

    It's not your motherboard that is the problem when it comes to saving your settings... This is most likely due to a setting in Me, which ignores any changes you make to the desktop...
    (A very nice way to make sure everything looks the same in an office/school, but not to usefull for a home user....)

    Unfortunately I can't seem to find out where this option is...
    Try searching through the register (regedit) for "desktop"...

    Last, I guess you're using fahrenheight, as otherwise you've got your computer in a sauna....
    Are any of the fans directed at the heatsinks on the motherboard?

    BTW: Your fans are set up correctly? (not all blowing in/sucking out?)
  3. JSR

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    good point

    not blowing but sucking....hehe
  4. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    by the way

    there are software coolers out there that will drop your cpu temp dramatically..........
  5. MrGaribaldi

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    I think the save settings on exit is located here:
    but I'm not sure... Can't find the article over @ MS...

    JSP has a point about the software coolers...
    2000/XP allready has this, but it's quite nice for 9x/ME...
    It'll keep sending certain commands to the cpu when it is idle to keep it cool...
    But it only works when the cpu load is less than 99%....
    So if you're running anything@HOME you won't see much difference...

    I'll leave it up to JSR (or someone else) to give you a link to such a software though....
  6. CompuGeek247

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    Well For the Fans I have 4 Front ones blowing inward, 2 backones blowing outwards. One blowhole blowing outwards, and one side one blowing unto the CPU.

    For the settings I dont think it has to do with ME. When I start the comp and the motherboard does it self test sometimes it says that "system Failed memory test" "system failed VGA test" and thats when the settings are reset. The memory I bought is brand new and compatible with my comp and so is my video card. So Im stumped now.
  7. krowdpeleeza

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    Anyways It keeps forgetting my desktop settings whenever I turn the computer on in m

    you know its funny that you say this because i am having the same problem as well. But I am using windows xp. I believe it might have something to do with the NForce 2.03 driver set. Not for sure though.....i dont turn off my machine too often so it doesnt really bother any chance would you be using a Radeon 9xxx, as it also might have something to do with the cat 3.4's .....
    Just some food for thought
  8. CompuGeek247

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    well its doing it to my windows xp now. I think the memory that is holding the startup procedures isnt holding it. The volatile ram I think is being erased. I read something that thebattery that is eqiupped might not be strong enough to support the board while its off could this be the problem?
  9. JSR

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    well, evaluates several software coolers to determine which is best....of course there are several other shareware programs as well.....mine (cooler xp) came with my motherboards bundled software, and takes my 2100+ from 52c down to 37c, in minutes
  10. JSR

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    you don't want compaq crap

    these comp makers try to keep proprietary use of there equip and is a recipe for a screw up....check your memory timings and adjust your bios accordingly...reinstall your vga driver to be sure you are capturing the right device....and by the way, a change to xp and all this will be a memory
  11. MrGaribaldi

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    First thing to do would be to reset the BIOS... If that doesn't help, get a new battery... (You might want to get a new battery anyway...)

    It could be that there is a problem with the drivers, but it's strange if it only started showing up now...

    Have you done anything to your computer lately (added ram, hdd or something)?
    Or anything software wise? Any new apps that could be responsible for making changes to XP?
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