Mobos - GA-965P-DS3P vs GA-965P-S3 vs Intel

By Johnny the Red
Jan 7, 2007
  1. Hi all, long time listener, first time caller.

    I'm finally upgrading my box from an old P4 to a dual core E6300. The last piece of the jigsaw is the motherboard. I don't have a whole lotta cash to flash around, so at the moment my choices are between a GA-965P-S3 or an Intel DP965LT - or the third option, which is to ask my local retailer whether he can maybe get another board in my price-range into stock (it's a small-ish operation but they are generally quite reliable and helpful).

    I've seen a previous post that said that the GA-965P-DS3P was a good board and to avoid the plain 'ol S3 version but no reason was given. To the naked eye there doesn't seem to be much between them - the DS3P has 2 PCIe 16 slots vs 1 (but I'm not going to SLI), better RAID capability, a slightly different version of Realtek audio ... but the BIOS for the DS3P is refered to as a QuadBios vs a Virtual Dual Bios for the S3. Can anyone comment on whether the difference is significant? Has anyone had problems with the DS3P?

    The Intel is in there as a wildcard - I can't find anyone complaining about their reliability, so it seemed like a useful (and cheap) alternative, even though it's lacking in the RAID department.

    The rest of the package:

    1 Gb ram DD2 533Mhz
    Inno3D 7900GS
    160Gb Seagate SATA2
    200Gb ATA (from my old box)
    DVD write, FDD, yadda yadda ...

    Any advice greatly accepted, thanks.
  2. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    As said before the only real difference between a GA-965P-DS3 and a GA-965P-S3 is the solid capacitors. The GA-965P-DS3P is slightly different. The reason I'm probably biased towards a DS3 over a plain S3 is because I've had too many motherboards suddenly die on me in the past and in fact motherboards are the only components I've ever had die on me.
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