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Feb 28, 2005
  1. I have a Compaq Presario 5600i and I upgraded to windows ME. My modem didn't work so i downloaded the driver for it off some site and now whenever my computer is trying to connect to my modem my computer re starts. Anyone know how to fix this?, I'd really appreciate it. thanks Greg
  2. Killer_Byte

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    Is your modem external or internal, nowadays they should all be internal.

    Check you settings and see if "wake up on Modem" is enabled or disabled. It should be disabled. not many peopel have a use for this being on any way.

    Windows ME does not have a very good driver database. If you cant get it to work, try searching for new drivers. I would even try drivers designed for windows 98 as it is a very similar operating system to ME.
  3. khoolguy

    khoolguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it is an internal modem, and how do I check "wake up on Modem" is enabled or disabled ?
  4. Killer_Byte

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    Go to your device manager and check the properties of your modem, there should be an option under power management.
  5. gwhite

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    I think you have the wrong driver. If its original to the computer you should be able to get it at the compaq web site. When you access the modem and windows enumerates it, the driver kicks in and hoses you. Older modems are a real pain to find correct drivers for. The fastest and easiest solution might be to head to wal-mart and grab a new one for $25.00.
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