modem problems with WinXP

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Mar 17, 2002
  1. modem and xp......might use WinME or Win98se again :(

    Modem: GVC 56.6k PCI V.90 Model: PM560LH
    my isp is BMI.. no tweaks are done.. just installed winxp home or pro. i installed windows xp home or pro on my computer with latest drivers when i leave my computer up for more then 15 hours i can't get on the internet.. no websites work ....can't even ping my isp or any website

    Here is my system specs:
    Motherboard:Tekram P6PRO-A+ VIA Apollo Pro133 ATX
    Bios date: 2000/3/29 V1.04 from
    OS: Windows 2000 Professional sp2 + srp1 + 21 pre-sp3 fixes + ie6 sp1 beta(latest leaked build) + windows 2000 app update + wmp8 rip
    CPU: Pentium III 700E MMX SSE
    Memory: 1x128mb pc-100 1x256mb pc-133 384mb pc-100 sdram 168pin total
    Graphics Card: Visiontek Nvidia Geforce2 MX400 T.V/s-video out 64mb
    Driver Version: Visiontek 27.50
    Monitor: Relisys RE772 Res at: 1280*1024*16
    Hard drive: Western Digtel 40gb ata 66 7200 rpm
    CD-Rom: Samung 32x
    CD-RW: LG 4x4x24x
    Speakers: PRO-168-3D
    Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster PCI Driver Version:
    Game Controller: Gravis PC GamePad
    Keyboard: Samsung 104 Win98 Keyboard
    Mouse: Genius EasyMouse+
    i think is my motherboard cause its
  2. uncleel

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  3. wI-OSMAN-

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    how is this supposed to help me??
  4. wI-OSMAN-

    wI-OSMAN- TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    what should i do?

    when i install the xp drivers for my modem it uses the 5.98A driver the same driver in xp....

    should i install the 6.00 or 6.04 xp driver?

    i have to format and install windows xp home again
  5. SuperCheetah

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    First off, install the latest drivers available for your modem and not just the microsoft ones.

    It's not likely, but if it only happens after 15 hours of continuous use it could have something to do with your ISP. Try this site It has plenty of articles and helpful guides to hopefully help you solve your problem.

    I also believe uncleel is directing you to the article to help in your problems, and for general information on how to set up internet connections in XP. We here at 3DS try and direct users to helpful articles instead of simply guessing at a problem.

    Hope this helps, and please post back if you have any further questions!!! :)

    One last thing, check out one of my posts dealing with your mobo's chipset (Via Apollo 133) and an interesting little program you might want to try out. It can be found here:

    Thought it might be something you want to tinker with, it helped me alot anyways!!! ;)
  6. wI-OSMAN-

    wI-OSMAN- TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    my modem works in xp now..good..those tweaks for my modem work thanx
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