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Jan 10, 2005
  1. I have a modem internet connection. I have been noticing that the modem is almost always passing data even when there are no programs open. Are there any programs that track what program is using your internet to send/receive data?
  2. Blakhart

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    If you're running xp, you can turn on the internet connection firewall, and it will log all you want. If you're running something else, a firewall app like zonealarm or kerio will do nicely in that regard.
  3. Sparky55

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    yea runnning xp - will try that - thanks
  4. Nodsu

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    If you want the current status, open up a command prompt and run "netstat /a".

    This will list all the network connections.
  5. 3vilc

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    I used to get this problem all the time under XP. there appears to be many backdoors and flaws. Using the windows firewall does help, particularly is you have all the security updates and patches installed. Virus software and trojan scanners could find nothing, yet random TFTP processes would start all the time. In the end I switched to Linux and no longer run windows on any of my machines.
    But definately enable the firewall and make sure to download all the security fixes with windowsupdate. Better firewall programs such as zonealarm or norton internet security are good, unless you have a lower spec machine these use quite a bit of resources.
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