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MODEM > ROUTER > ROUTER Problems?? Any suggestions?

By seraphin
Feb 5, 2005
  1. alright here's my problem...

    I have my house networked via two linksys BEFW11S4 routers. The first is connected directly to my modem and four connections go to other rooms in my home. No biggie, no problems...

    ...until I needed 2 more ports in my office. SO i got my other router out, same model, and plugged the wall connection into the back, and then proceeded to plug in my computers into the three ports in the back. I can get no connection at all unless I plug my computer back into the wall then everything works like it should, so i'm guessing I have to do something in the router to set it up as a switch only, but I'm not sure how to do that. I've disabled DHCP, and some other things but I'm still in the dark.

    Here's my setup-

    Cable Modem > First Router >

    First Router > Ports 1-3 to other rooms , Port 4 to my office...

    Port 4 (from the port in my office wall) > Second Router >

    Second Router > 3 computers that all need a connection to the internet

    Any help at all would be wonderful as i have no friggin clue what to do here, linksys support is vague on the subject, and the customer service is clueless.
  2. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    The 3 computers on the second router needed their DNS specified to be, and the second router setting itself set for DHCP instead of typical PPOE.

    The above is the simplest, least complicated config.
  3. beaumoli

    beaumoli TS Rookie

    proper router to router configuration

    This is an easy fix: (1) when connecting two routers you absolutely must utilize an RJ-45 ethernet crossover cable; as a straight through connection will not work - that's what you have via the wall jack. (2) You need'nt disable DHCP, as the second router will need to provide dummy IP addresses to connected peripherals. (3) When connecting the routers be certain to connect them port to port - do not connect the internet port on the second to a standard port on the first; this will not work because the first router has responsibility of internet access, not the second.

    To summarize connect the routers port to port using a crossover ethernet cable (RJ-45), do not disable DHCP, be mindful to reset the second router to factory defaults before attempting to install, follow the manufacturers guide for it's installation, when installing use a straight through cable from the second router to the wall jack, using your crossover cable from the terminal access point and connecting to a standard port on your first router. Take your time while double checking your work and your system should perform as desired.

    I know this works - I have the identical set up - this was my solution and it works to perfection.
    Good luck!
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