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May 29, 2004
  1. The modem (AOpen FM56 PX) in a newer Athlon 2500 won't connect when trying to go online. I have reinstalled the driver for it and also had tech help with the online server but nothing works. It is not my computer so I can go inside the computer without doing research first.......:(. I noticed in the empty box for the AOpen modem there is a small wired (yellow, black and green) wired connector with one end white and the other end has a black connector. It is about 8" long. Is this wire for a reason on the modem? Any idea why this modem doesn't want to work? Everything on the computer in modem settings is ok and it says it is working properly. Is there a way of testing the modem? I used Hyperterminal years ago but can't find anyone who has it anymore.........the ole computer bulletin board days of yesteryear.
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    Did you check on the telephone cable? Try and replace it or use another socket. Is it in the proper RJ11-slot at the back of the modem?
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    Yes..the phone works and the fax work ok on the phone line so that is ok. Then the cable from the wall to the modem is ok. The line from the wall to the line on the computer is right. (We even tried it the wrong way just in case) All of the basic stuff is ok. The Tech guy worked with me 5 different times trying everything from connecting without making a dial tone to entering different strings in the modem line. When I try to connect I get Port Opening and then the Error message. I get the Error 777 for the modem.
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    Dunno if this helps, but I had problems from a nearby radio repeater. The phone worked fine, but a capacitor in the modem acted like an antenna and was picking up the connection.

    I got an inline filter and it now works fine.

    If you plug the phone into the PHONE socket on the modem, can you hear interference? Mine was like haveing a transistor radio.
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