MOHAA help with Multiplayer Crashes

By Evalsoidua
Aug 14, 2005
  1. I need to figure out why Medal of Honor Allied Assult crashes constantly while I am playing online. I have the latest patches, video card drivers, and everything, but everytime I'm online I only get to play like one game and then once the map switches it only lasts like 5 minutes then Mohaa freezes and I get that stupid Send/Don't Send thing and it is driving me crazy. It almost seems like its something to do with my internet connection because it disconnects and i guess thats why everything freezes? I dont know but it never does it while I'm on an internet broswer or anything, just on the game. It never did this before until recently. I'ved tried finding help everywhere! Nobody seems to really have THAT same problem and solution I'm looking for. I can post the error report too if that would help... PLEASE somebody help me get this over with! Thanks....
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