MOHPA crashing after start

By rocketmanjay
Jul 17, 2006
  1. Let me throw my hat in the ring of frustrated MOHPA owners. I think that I may have actually been able to play the game once or twice when I first bought it, and I loved it! I then built a new rig, loaded a new copy of the game on it, and haven't been able to play it once. When I say crash I mean this: The EA splash, THX splash and Intel splash all play correctly. The game audio begins and the sepia toned pictures come on. After the beginning of the third photo (G.I. in a tent) the progress bar shoots all the way across, the audio stops and the screen goes quickly black and back to desktop.
    My rig configuration seems solid with a 3.0 P4 , 1gig of RAM, Maxtor 60 gig drive, Nvidia Geforce 6600 PCI Express, Creative Audigy 2, and XP PRO SP2. I have followed advice and have all current drivers installed, I set my page file to a min of 1.5 and max of 4.0 and my bios looks fine. I am ready to throw this rig out the window...HELP!
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