Monitor And Sound Cut Out Plz Help

By Swain
Nov 16, 2004
  1. This is the second computer i have built so i am still very new to the whole thing and every now and then while im on the internet or playing a game my monitor will go black and say off mode in 5 seconds, then a few seconds later the sound will cut out and i hafta reboot. @ first i thought that it was a power managment problem but everything there indicated that it wasnt causing the monitor or sound to shut off. my specs are listed below if u could help it would be greatly appreciated.


    AMD Athlon XP 3000+
    Asus a7n8x- deluxe
    Xtasy 9600XT
    512 mb Centon ram
    40gb Maxtor Hard Drive
    300watt thermal take pw supply
    Windows XP Home Edition
    viewsonic a7of+ monitor
  2. pafl

    pafl TS Rookie


    Maybe heat problems? Sounds like your graphicscard maybe is overheating? check the fan, the often fail.
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