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Aug 29, 2006
  1. ok heres the story.............. my comp seems to work as usual but my monator wont work. the monator is acting as if it is getting no signal from the comp so i checked it with another monator to rule out the monator as a problem.... i spoke to the man in a wee shop i go to in glasgow and he was like just get an agp card and it will take over as the primary graphics card......enevitably this is not the case and i am wondering if there is anyway to disable the onboard graphics card without using the bios (as i cannot see what i am doing) my mother board is the ****ty asrock k7s41 and the new graphics card is a sapphire radeon 9600xt if anyone can help it would be appreciated cheers
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    Hi allyonl_ine and welcome to Tech Spot,

    I'm a bit confused by your post so I may need a few things clarified.

    When you say your "computer works as usual" but your monitor doesn't work, what does this mean? You say you've tried another monitor to rule this out, but haven't been very specific on what actually occurred..

    If you remove your AGP 9600XT, and plug a monitor into the on-board video.. what exactly occurs? No signal? The second monitor you have tried.. does it work with another PC? Have you tried BOTH monitors with a second PC to ensure they both work?

    What I would suggest doing is start with the basics. Either hit ASRock's website or look in your motherboard manual (which you can download from ASRock if you do not have it) and clear the CMOS using it's jumper and instructions. After this, remove ALL expansion cards and try powering up with a known/good monitor plugged into the on-board video.

    If you cannot post on the integrated video after clearing the CMOS, you have other problems... and an AGP card will not help this. It's possible your power supply, memory, cpu or other components have failed so we'll need to get a POST/BIOS off the on-board prior to going much further.

    Good luck!
  3. allyonl_ine

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    more info

    cheers for replying so quickly ..........the monators both work they come on saing no signal when i said everything else works i meen that the comp turns on as usual and the hard drives and cd drives power up . when i asked in the shop the guy said that the agp card would repace the onboard graphics as soon as it was plugged in which dosent seem to be the case ? the asrock web site is not helpfull and there support seems no existant....?
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    You say that your PC seems to be powering up, but doesn't display anything on screen. That could be a billion different problems.

    Try resetting the bios/cmos like Sharkfood said.
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    Please use proper thread titles from now on.
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