Monitor dropping / Crashing out during games

By Johny
Feb 5, 2006

    At apparently random intervals into playing some 3D games the monitor goes black. In a couple of seconds, the green light next to the power switch starts flashing (like it's in standby mode).

    Occasionally a sound effect will loop 1-2 times before going silent, as if the system were hanging.

    The system fans keep running, and the MoBo lights stay on.

    Restarting the monitor does nothing - the light goes green, then returns to flashing mode.

    Only way i can re-boot is to hold off button in for longer then 4 sec.

    Note that I am not overclocking, never have overclocked, and never intend to overclock.


    Playing 3D accellerated games, at apparently random intervals. usually about 10min - 2hrs of game play

    Games when it has occurred:

    world of Warcraft
    Diablo ii

    Games when it has NOT occurred:*

    *At least not during the hour or more of time I played.

    Call of duty 2

    It NEVER occurs during non-gaming computer use, internet use, etc.

    My system:

    ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
    --SLI set to single card mode and dual card mode

    AMD Athalon 64 3500+

    2xNVIDIA GeForce Extreme N6600GT GPU, 256 MB DDR3, PCI express, SLI capable (not using & using)

    2x 512 Mb RAM, DDRRAM Kingston

    Oringaly 350W Power supply w/super lan boy case.
    NOW 500W Antec Smartpower Unit

    2 X 200Gb WD SATA, Running Raid 0


    Phillips 19" LCD Monitor 8Ms

    Windows XP Home Edition

    WHAT I HAVE TRIED (that has not worked):

    *Changed NVIDIA driver to ver. 81.85 then to newer 81.98 Beta

    *Turned off all power management settings in Windows


    *Reworked inner cables for better airflow - all round cables

    *Monitored GPU temps during regular computing and 3D gameplay. Temp values do not rise outside of tolerance ranges. However, the NVIDIA monitor does not leave a log of temps behind, so I have had to alt-tab out of games at intervals to record manually the temps - meaning if there is a sudden spike I could not observe it.

    3D gaming: highest recorded GPU temp 52c

    I have read endless Forums about this problem. I am begining to give up, any ideas people would be fantastic. Nearly ready to replace these 6600GT's see if that rectify's the problem

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