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Sep 19, 2004
  1. For some reason everytime I start my computer there are green lines that run vertically on the monitor after everything boots. When I open up my computer and other folders some of the items are discolored (mainly different shades of green). I have went to properties off the main screen and changed the settings to different screen qualities and resolutions but they always come back. Also some of my icons on the main screen have disappeared and only the text remains. When I drag the icons there are bits of green that show up where the picture of the icon is supposed to be? Anyone have a clue what could be wrong? Do I have a virus? Thanks!!

  2. StormBringer

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    sounds like a corrupted driver or a problem with the video card. Try removing and reinstalling the driver or update it, you might also try reseating the video card
  3. eminemoo187

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    How would I go about reinstalling or updating the driver? Sorry, I don't know too much about computers.
  4. young&wild

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    Usually, there should be relevant instructions on how to install drivers in text files that come with the drivers.
  5. rebelyell

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    Hey man, I had exactly the same problem a number of times. It is most definitely a bad (and I mean toasted) video card. Each time this has happened to me, I have rolled back video drivers, uninstall/reinstalled video drivers, rolled back Windows Media Player, and chose various Restore points in XP to try to see if it was software related. Every video card I RMAed to the vendor was replaced with the vendor agreeing it was a toasted card. I know it's bad news, but I've got battle scars to show this is what's going on. Good luck...
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