Monitor has no signal with new PSU

By Keetarobot
Nov 4, 2006
  1. A few weeks ago there was a power surge that killed my old PSU. I just got a new one today, I put it in, and now my monitor isn't recieving a signal. It's not the monitor because the monitor works fine with another computer. When I turn the computer on, everything else seems to be turning on right, it makes the beep noise that it's supposed to when it starts, and the video card is running as well. The new PSU is 500w, same as my old one. I even tried unplugging and starting again, or turning off and on the PSU switch, but that didn't do anything either. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
  2. X DarthMonkey X

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    maybe the surge did something to your graphics card too? It's not likely, since there would usually be some sort of beep code at POST. However, i stress the word "usually" because it's still possible. Try changing the graphics card, or if the card is integrated into the board, get a PCI card.

    If you currently have an AGP card in it, test it with another AGP card.

    If you currently have a PCI card, or integrated graphics, then test it with a PCI card. With many computers, if a computer is set to start on the integrated controller, it will ignore the AGP card until you change the settings in the BIOS. It will, however, see the PCI card and use it instead of the integrated controller. (I'm almost certain about this, but almost isn't completely)
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    Alright, I switched my video card with another one, and no difference. The video card was on and running, the motherboard beeped, but no signal still to the monitor. Could it be the motherboard, even though it's doing the beep at startup? Or could something be wrong with my new PSU to cause no signal, even though it turns on and everything seems to be getting power?

    Edit: I just hooked my original video card back up, disconnected the power supply from everything and reconnected it, and now it works! Almost. Everything is tinted yellow. It's not tinted yellow when hooked back up with a different computer, so it's not the monitor. What the heck?
  4. X DarthMonkey X

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    Hmmm..... the only thing i can think of is just making sure the cable between the computer and the monitor is completely attacked and screwed in (if possible). There might be a bad connection between one or more contacts.

    other than that..... i don't really know.
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