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Jul 12, 2007
  1. Ok, before starting I'll be honest. I'm not the most techniclly minded so this may be something simple, but any help would be appreciated as this is driving me mad.

    The other day I re-formated my system and re-installed windows cos of software problems. I haven't done it before, but found an *****s guide on the net and it was all straight forward and worked fine. Prior to this, all hardware appeared to work fine and my monitor (ACER AL1916W) displayed perfectly at 1440 x 900 resolution.

    However, although the monitor displayed fine plugged into my graphics card (INNO3D 6600 AGP W/256MB DVI TV DDR), after the re-installing I was unable to display at 1440 x 900. So I reinstalled the drivers for my graphics card. This appeared to also go fine until it asked for a restart of the system to finalise the installation. Upon restarting, and now everytime I boot up the system, the screen displays all the usual system info and option to access the BIOS screen and then goes on to show the windows XP loading bar. This disappears and then there nothing. Just a black screen with the monitors message of "NO SIGNAL". I have tested this on a few different monitors and all give the same response.

    Anyone know why this would happen or, more importantly, how to fix it? I've googled the problem but the only answer seems to be "send the card back and get a new one as they've sent you a defective one" but I've had this card for about a year and never had any problems before. The computer has been reformatted by a technician in the past since this card was installed and all was fine after that. I'm a bit baffled really...

    Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. Fuzzynavel

    Fuzzynavel TS Rookie

    Hey Munkey,

    Can you get to the boot menu screen during the start-up? If you can get to the boot menu, select "SAFE MODE" and try loading XP (bypassing the video card driver). Of course your monitor will display in the most basic modes (16 colors, small resolution, etc.) but it will give you a something to eliminate, and it does not take long to try this.

    Try it... you might like it!!!

    ~ Fuzzy
  3. Fuzzynavel

    Fuzzynavel TS Rookie

    By the way, when you re-installed your OS, did you perform updates immediately thereafter, causing the most recent patches and fixes to be applied to your system? My guess is that if you did, you possibly installed an update to the OS which causes your version of the driver to be incompatible with the OS. If this is the casse, you will have to look for a newer version of the driver, or re-install the OS again, and look out for what updates are being installed that might cause an incompatibility with your video card driver.
  4. Munkeypop

    Munkeypop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey Fuzzy,

    Cheers for that. I hadn't thought of using safe mode as I couldn't get to the option menu during start up, but I managed to reboot from windows disk and safemode popped up, letting me restore the system to before I installed the driver. Worked a treat.

    Time to go and update the OS and see if theres and updated driver. Thanks for raising that point too. Thinking about it, everything work fine screen-wise before reinstalling and all the latest updates were installed so I guess if I update it all it should work. If not, I've got the safemode option to fall back on.

    Many thanks,

  5. Fuzzynavel

    Fuzzynavel TS Rookie


    Glad to be of some help!

    ~ Fuzzy !
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