Monitor not detected by motherboard

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Aug 27, 2005
  1. i have gigabyte's P4IM533GV moherboard. I purchased a philips 15 inch monitor . when i installed the graphics driver i found that often the monitor isnt detected by the driver as found on the graphics properties-> information page(scl or sda not working probably). I tried changing the board to a intel's d845gvsr motherboard but without any effect .Pls hlp!
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    you need to install the proper drivers for your graphics adapter. after that, you can load the monitor drivers, supplied by the mfg.
  3. frontlemon

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    Monitor not detected

    I have already installed the latest drivers for my 845gv chipset. Aloso note that other monitors work fine (i.e they get detected as plug and play monitors).
  4. zephead

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    try getting a new/differnt driver. yours may be old, corrupted, or both.
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    MoBo don't detect monitors the OS does.

    I believe this is the chipset on the MoBo (845gv),
    there are seperate drivers for agp but not including the video card.
    Is this onboard video or addon card?

    To detect monitors in the OS you need an .INF file from the monitor Co.
    plugnplay are cool but I like having the right inf file so only the hz's the monitor
    can support are shown in monitor properties.

    Man this was hard to find....
    try This link
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