Monitor Not Receiving Signal

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Jul 13, 2007
  1. O.k. I just bought the following:


    500w (came with case)

    Hard drive:
    160G|WD 7K 8M SATA2 WD1600AAJS

    CD Drive:

    ABIT AN-M2 nView 7025 AM2

    AMD|A64 X2 4200+ 65W AM2 1M R

    1Gx2|A-DATA ADQVE1A16K R

    Video Card:
    XFX PVT84JUDF3 8600GT 256MB R

    My background:
    Build 20+ systems
    Computer Programmer
    Fixed a lot of computers in the past

    The gist of it all:
    Ok, I got the parts 2days ago. I put it all together and the system booted up fine. First thing i did was change some bio's settings:
    CDrom first boot
    Changed the splash screen to none

    Next I popped in Win XP Pro SP2, Install started out fine. when the computer needed to reboot, it did, and for some reason the monitor didn't come on...
    I held down the power button and tried again. Nothing...

    Things I thought was the problem, but isn't:
    -- Reset the CMOS to see if that would fix the problem, and didn't work.

    Power supply: I tried 2 different PSU's and neither of them worked for it. One of them was bigger: 600w the other one was a 500w

    Video Card: Tried 2 different PCI-E VC's in it, same thing, monitor wasn't receiving any signal.

    Ram: I bought 2 sticks of ram, tried one at a time, still nothing.
    I don't have any other DDR2 ram to try, so I ran out of testing on that. (First system with DDR2 ram)

    I removed the ram to see if the motherboard would do its Beeps. It did nothing.

    Monitor: Tested it with the computer I'm using now and another one that has been using it. Works fine.

    Processor: Checked out the processor, no burns on it, looks normal.

    Motherboard: All looks normal, checked it out hard core.

    -- When installing all hardware, I made sure to be grounded and static free.

    So thats where I'm at. I have no idea what I'm missing; My guess is its the motherboard, but I wouldn't think it would be.

    I hope I gave enough information >.>;
    Any help would be great! Thank You

  2. Icydeath

    Icydeath TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump -------------------^
  3. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    So it sounds like you had display at first, but now you don't. Can you currently get video when in the bios? Can you get video if you use the integrated card?

    It looks like you've checked it over pretty well, you didn't really miss anything that I can see. Very strange problem.
  4. Icydeath

    Icydeath TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah no display at all anymore. >.< I just RMA'd the motherboard.
    Hoping that was the problem.
  5. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    The number of failures of new motherboards amazes me. It seems we are doing their quality control. Still, ABIT is excellent, and we have seldom had trouble with them.
    If it has onboard video, I would connect to that while in Safe Mode.
    But since you see nothing at all onscreen at any part of the boot, and I assume you also tried Safe Mode, you are out of options.
    I would also get on the phone with ABIT tech support.
    You clearly know what you are doing.
    But do check with a different monitor, to avoid any potential embarrassment. I have seen what you describe happen due to a monitor that failed due to the change in signal strength.
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