Monitor or Video Card Problems????

By BLPolutnik ยท 18 replies
Jun 16, 2005
  1. A few days ago my computer monitor quit displaying the image on the screen. I hooked the computer up to a new monitor and it did the same thing. I hooked up a different computer to the monitors and they are working correctly.

    I hooked up a new video card to the old computer and see if that was the problem. Same result no display. I don't even see the bios screen display.

    I was wondering what the problem could be and any suggestions would be helpful.

  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Sounds like a problem with your PSU and/or mobo to me. We need to know more about your system, you need to fill in the details in your profile.
  3. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I updated my profile.
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Cool, that helps, can you see the bios setup with the onboard graphics?
  5. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I can't see any images on either video card. The monitor turns on and then the light turns to oragne as if it was goin into a sleep mode. I hit the keyboard and mouse in order to "awaken" it but nothin happens.
  6. compguy

    compguy TS Rookie Posts: 162

    Video Card

    Your video card is fried... :hotouch: :hotouch:

  7. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    But i put a new video card in, and it still didn't work. so i don't think it is the video card.
  8. Grok451

    Grok451 TS Booster Posts: 85

    When you boot up your system, do you hear any beeps? Does your CPU and/or PSU fan rotate, etc.? Maybe your mobo is dead?
  9. secondsysop

    secondsysop TS Rookie

    Maybe check your Power Supply...

    Do your CD drive LED's light up for a second? Do you hear your Hard Drive spin up? If not it may be your power supply. If you know someone with a spare, try using it and see if your computer will boot up.
  10. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    When i boot up the system, the fans on the case start working, the fan to the processor starts up, the lights on the cd-roms light up, the cd-roms both open and close.

    I really don't hear any beeps when I start up the system. The hard drive seems to be working properly cause when i touch the top of it, it seems like it is spinning.
  11. secondsysop

    secondsysop TS Rookie

    Re: Display problem...

    I replyed to your post because I had a simular problem with my computer.

    I had a motherboard with an AGP slot and the BFG video card went bad. The computer would not boot or do anything until I removed the video card. It then gave a beep and I could hear the hard drives booting into Windows.

    My guess is your video circuit on your motherboad went down. I hope others can help you out with any other suggestions.
  12. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i still don't know what is wrong, but when i added a new video card to the avg slot it still didn't work. Maybe the motherboard is dead.
  13. Grok451

    Grok451 TS Booster Posts: 85

    Is the power connector for the fan connected to the motherboard or directly off of a lead from the PSU? The other equipment you mention just prove that your PSU is working. Your motherboard might be dead. Since your video card and monitor check out ok on other systems, then pretty much what's left is the motherboard.
  14. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The processor fan is hooked up to the motherboard. I am tryin somethings, hopefully i can find out what is up.
  15. Grok451

    Grok451 TS Booster Posts: 85

    Oh, I forgot, if the motherboard is okay, the CPU could be dead. I had a problem with a friends's system and took out the CPU and put it on another system to verify whether is was working or not. Turned out the CPU was working and I had to replace the motherboard, then everything worked fine.

    Good luck.
  16. BLPolutnik

    BLPolutnik TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just removed the hard drive and put it in another system to see if that was working properly. The system read the hard so i assume that is working ok.

    If there a way to tell if the processor is working without removing it from the motherboard and vice versa with the motherboard?

    Any suggestions!
  17. Grok451

    Grok451 TS Booster Posts: 85

    Unfortunately, I don't know any easier way to check the mobo vs. CPU. Maybe someone else on the Forums has some ideas?
  18. YellowC4S

    YellowC4S TS Rookie Posts: 107

    Without knowing exactly what you're working with, the only advice I coudl give as far as troubleshooting goes is instead of trying to figure out what the problem is, eliminate the things it could be which should ultimately lead you to what the problem is. Hope this helps ;)
  19. kimbo.ati

    kimbo.ati TS Rookie Posts: 135

    I had the same problem twice on my old computer but i quickly found out that my mobo was dead.
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