monitor output problem...

By betabeta
Sep 2, 2007
  1. Following the release of the new intel chips i bought my self:

    EVGA 650i motherboard
    2gb xms2 ram

    I have had problems from the start with it first being completely unreliable, so having to send it back to the provider with no out put going to the monitor.

    They sent it back charging me an extra £20 on top of the £20 it cost to send it back by post as it tested "fine". I put the machine together, and to my suprise it worked. But after a week the output to the monitor became intermittent, sometimes no signal, sometimes the graphics card info would display and othertimes it would boot up like normal. It got to the point where it just wouldn't boot up whatever i did. So i sent it back again, they updated the bios and sent it back to me claiming that was causing the intermittent fault.

    So i've put it together for the last time and it has worked for about 10 days, but now exactly the same thing has happened. No output to the monitor, even though its all the same kit.

    I use my PC for gaming as i play counter strike semi proffessionally, so it is in use more than average i guess.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this fault. Bare in mind the gfx card works flawlessly with the old motherboard, cpu and ram.

    The rest of the specs are

    550w truepower2 (antec)
    1 ide hhd
    1 sata

    thanks in advance.

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