monitor problem HELP!!!!!!!!

By DarkMage679
Dec 27, 2006
  1. well ill just get straight to the point, whenever i play a game on my computer im constantly needing to turn down the resolution on the games because if i dont change it to the lowest possable resolution during a loading screen (always during a loading screen) my monitor starts flickering and weird bars go across the screen and i cant tell whats happening anymore. The only way to fix this i found is if i put my program to sleep (minimize it) and bring it back up. It would then work fine until i reach another loading screen. But more recently with the newer games like medieval 2 and dark messiah turning down the resolution doesnt work anymore. then whenever it goes to load a new game or save point the monitor freeks out and i cant even put it to sleep anymore. I have to solve this by restarting the computer :( so i cant play any of these games. I need to know if my monitor's sucky or if its some other type of problem with my video card. SO PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    specs for my comp:
    amd althlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4800+
    2.42 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM
    17" LCD monitor (bought a cheep one)
    video card (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT)
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Typical symptom of inexpensive LCD monitors from Envision, ViewSonic, and many others. If the monitor is over 15 months old, it is too sick to work, and is likely not repairable.
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