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Apr 25, 2005
  1. The monitor will not come on when the room where it is situated is cold. During the winter i've had to put some heat toward it for a couple of minutes until the surface gets warm---- this would be every morning when i boot up. After the weather warmed up abit this spring it worked fine, but now that i have been using the air conditioner it is back to the same problem where i have to place the desk lamp over it for awhile-- voila the monitor comes on. Seems like this would be a very rare happening and any response would be highly unklikely, however i shall try and hope for the best.
    I am using windows xp pro., sp2. 512 ram Samsung syncmaster 173v monitor (flat screen) about 14 months old. Anyone have a solution.
    Thank you Big Red
  2. swker98

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    hello welcome to techsp, i thnk some LCD moniters dont work good in the cold, thats y it doenst work
  3. Secondgunman

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    If it is an LCD the operate in a very nerrow tem range and that is most likely your problem. I have had some real problems with LCD and Plasma so I only build with CRT now. I have also noticed that there are problem running some games and apps on LCD and plasma so for the time being I am not even looking at them for building other peoples computers aswell. What I would do is borrow a CRT from someone and see if the problem still happens and look at trying to fond a friend with an LCD aswell and trying that one, Google your monitor with a search such as problems+your brand monitor+model+not+working try a few things like that and use the "+" not a space, the space means "and/or" in google the "+" means "and" this will nerrow you search to only site that have the words broken by the + unlike when you use a space where you will get every site that has any of the words you type, so look around online and see if other people are have ing the problem and try to replicate the problem with other hardware. Good luck there bud and you know were we are if there are problems.
  4. swker98

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    thats good advise i agree
  5. Big Red

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    Big Red

    Thanks to swker98 and Secondgunman for their responses to my delemma. To bring you up to date: Have tried with a different monitor, with the temp. in the room quite cold and the monitor came on right away ,will try a few more cold tests to be sure it is the monitor at fault.

    Also took your advice and Googled cold+samsung+173V+NOT+WORKING here I found forums for dual monitors, but the problems are related.

    Lots with the same problem that I have with the 173v (lcd flat screen) and in some cases Samsung has replaced them, knowing that certain mfg. runs were defective. Have e- mailed Samsung with the details, but no response as yet, I shall call tech support next to see if a new monitor is required (the guarantee is 3 years and mine is 14 months old)

    Also thanks for the tip with the "+" it will come in handy.Will keep you up to date, but may be some time before the ball gets rolling.
    Thank you Big Red
  6. Big Red

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    Samsung has sent me a new monitor because of a flaw in certain runs of the 173v monitor. It is working perfectly. So if anyone has had the same problem, contact samsung and get a new monitor , no questions asked , was as simple as an e-mail.
    thanks again for all the help. Big Red
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