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Jan 25, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, just became a member of the TS, and have a question. I've been building computers for myself for about 6 yrs now, built 2 for my son one of them liquid cooled, and 2 for me, my question is, i bought a 22" Gateway flat panel monitor less than a month ago, everything was working great until my frien brings his computer for me to check out a problem, so i hooked my monitor to his pc and it wouldn't even start, needless to say i told him to trash it, when i go to hook my monitor to my pc, and power it on i notice the message "NO SIGNAL", and the power button changes to amber, i turn the power back on the monitor and after a few seconds i get the message "VGA" and it works fine.................

    What caused this change? before all i had to do was shut down my pc and the monitor would just shut off (power button lite blue not amber) now it takes all that work to get it to power on.

    I'm not worried if it is a video card issue, my concern is if i should run to best buy and return the monitor before the month is over.

    And i want to make it clear that once it's on it works flawlessly.

    Thank for the help in advance.......remember i only have a couple of days to make a decision.
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  3. Tmagic650

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    Is the refresh rate set at 60Hz?
  4. tipstir

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    Check the connections.. Also I don't recommend using modern LCD Panels Monitors on older systems that can't support the RES, you could damage the Monitor. Only use rated Video Cards that support these monitors and theire refresh rates.
  5. xnight

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    It is now, what i did was, i downloaded a driver from 3dguru but it didnt work, i couldn't get the 1680 X 1050 res out of that driver, since im running Win Vista, so i rolled it back to the latest one from Nvidia. My video card is a GeForce 6800 256 meg, its not that old and it supports the resolution.

    Could i have really damaged the monitor?
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