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Monitor stays in standbye mode :(

By Joxe
Nov 21, 2005
  1. Hi i had a EA800XT card that did burned up... so asus did send me a replacement card...
    And did work for 27 seconds when i did run 3dmark03 after that it did reboot my PC.
    So asus did send me a NEW ea800xt card... but when i start my PC the monitor dosent start.
    I get the green light for 2 seconds then it goes orange and the monitor goes into standby mode.
    2 times the pc did start...
    First time after bios upgrade and second time after i unpluged all other stuff on the same fuse like lamps, fridge etc. But after i did reboot the monitor wouldent start.
    But i can hear the windows loading in the speakers (i can login when i click tab 2 times and put in my password)
    So i change to another pci-expresscard and the monitor work... change back to my 800xt card and still the monitor doesent start.
    I have also change between my 2 cards 15-20 times... and i got my geforce 6600 working all of the times... but my 800XT card only worked 2 times.
    I have runned driver cleaner.
    I have upgrade the motherboard bios.
    I have a 400w psu. Q-teck i think the name is on it.
    Motherboard is a asus P4GD1... i got the card working 2 times... but not no more. i need some help!!

    I have tested my card to 3 diffrent MB and the card worked fine... but not on my own MB... but the 2 first card did worked on my MB but not the last and new one.
    Maybe it could be my PSU that´s to small... but if have been working with the same CARD before.
    I think i have tried everything.

    Could it be cuz my 800XT card is so NEW that it cant work with my Asus MB? Both card is Asus.

    MB Asus P4GD1
    CPU 2.4 pentium socket 478
    1 gig ram
    120 gig HD
    100 gig HD
    40 gig HD
    400w Q.teck PSU

    Sorry for my bad English i am a tired old man from Sweden.

    Help me please
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