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Aug 18, 2006
  1. My monitor, a ViewSonic VE710b, switches on and off on a very regular basis from the moment I boot up. (I've read through the forum postings and can't find a similar problem.) I don't think there's anything wrong with the monitor itself as I can, eventually, get it to stay on. I'd be very grateful for any advice on the cause and solution. New to TechSpot and not technically aware so please excuse ordinary language.

    Here's more detail:
    - I've had my new Mesh PC and monitor for just over a year with no problems at all
    - the monitor now flashes on, stays off for 3 seconds, flashes on, stays off for 3 seconds, and so on
    - when it does this, the green monitor light goes out a millisecond before the screen goes black, then the green light comes on again, followed 3 seconds later by the picture, then the green light goes out, picture off, green light on for 3 secs, etc....
    - most of the time, loading a programme (eg Excel, MSN, GuitarPro5) has no effect on the on/off problem but sometimes the loading of a programme seems to stabilise the screen display and the monitor is perfectly OK
    - stabilising the display by loading a programme seems to be dependent on just catching the on/off process at the right time (I know this sounds very silly!)
    - once the screen display is stable, I can switch the monitor on and off with no problem but rebooting the PC usually results in the monitor problem recurring

    What I've done:
    - changed power cables: no difference
    - uninstalled and reloaded monitor drivers: no difference
    - tried monitor on another PC: no difference (still goes on/off)

    I've got an NVIDIA GeForce 6600 video card on a refresh rate of 60Hz.
  2. Rik

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    You say you have tried the monitor on another pc and it does the same thing. Its the monitor that is at fault for sure, it could be caused by a failing component or a dry solder joint. Monitors contain extremely dangerous voltages even when powered down. Only a monitor expert should open it up.
  3. Tedster

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    probably a bad relay inside.
  4. Rik

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    Probably not a relay, more likely a transistorized switch.
  5. Tedster

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    same thing more or less.
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