Monitor Will not boot up

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Jun 10, 2007
  1. i dont know if this thread is suppose to go here soz newbie
    but recently my monitor will not boot but i hear the cpu fan and the psu fan and the hardrive light, all i get on the monitor is a amber light and a message no signal but if i take out the ram both my cdroms light up but with it in they dont i also tried and resat the RAM and the VGA Graphics Card but no luck i told my uncle about my problem and he got me a new graphics card which i tried and no luck but i have also tried removing the cmos battery and the jumpers and reseating them still no luck also the monitor does work on another computer just not on mine and because my knowledge of computer hardware isnt that great i think i knocked out these small clips that go from the reset and power cables in the front and in the motherboard i put the power LED in right and the push switch in but i dont know where the others go if someone could help plz
  2. CCT

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    If store bought, what make of computer and what model do you have?

    If it isn't a store bought but is a u-build, what motherboard is in it?

    Need that info.

  3. XxSparkyxX

    XxSparkyxX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its one my uncle gave me and i think its a KT7A Raid mother board
  4. CCT

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  5. Frank Smith

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    If you try 1 thing at a time.. then apply the results.
    removing all ram is ???? remove 1 stick then see what happens.
    Nothing OK replace stick 1 w/stick 2... see what happens..(might be only 1 stick of ram is bad...)mark the ram with sticky paper #1 - #2 .
    PS: you have to get thru POST before the Video card is fired up...
    and you do not need other devices to make your Monitor fire up..
    you need a computer with a Floppy drive, a video card and 1 stick or RAM.
    if any part fails during POST you have failed to BOOT... and to test you do one thing at a time... not 2 or 3 or 4..
    You do not need a HD to boot. YOU NEED 1. VIDEO CARD (THAT WORKS) 2. 1 STICK OF MEMORY (THAT WORKS). 3 ANY DEVICE (THAT WORKS) that will allow you to BOOT TO. a. floppy drive or b. HDD or c. CD Rom.. 4. keyboard helps but not manditory. 5. mouse helps but not manditory. 6. your monitor which you say works..on a different system.
  6. XxSparkyxX

    XxSparkyxX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thnx but i already got the manual thats where i knew my mobo type but theres nothing there about the monitor problem
  7. CCT

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    It wsn't for the monitor problem - there should be a diagram of you motherboard front panel connectors which you said were disconnected and you needed help.
  8. XxSparkyxX

    XxSparkyxX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yh i found it thnx
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