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By Zchb9
Dec 28, 2006
  1. Ok, Today I installed a new CPU fan and case fan to replace failing ones. After the installation I turned on the computer it displayed bios and then all the fans quit and the screen went black and it started making an alarm type sound. I checked everything and it was all installed properly. I turned it on and it made the sound again but bios would not show up. I thought maybe I had to much thermal grease on so I removed some with a plastic bag (read to use something like that to keep from leaving lent). Now the fans work but the monitor still does not display. I hooked it up to a different monitor it displayed bios then made the noise again and that monitor will not show anything now. If I unhook the monitors they say check the connection so I pretty sure they are not blown. Any Idea what is wrong?
  2. nismo91

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    hi welcome to techspot.

    I have exact experience on my computer, and this problem usually under "overheating". If you have install a new chassis fans, please check the cable firstly and then check your CPU thermal gels.

    In my computers, it will get overheating (though at 50*C) if the gels are paste in the CPU, so i try a workaround, which is pasting it in the heatsink. though in the end the gels touch the CPU, my computers still be able to work a week perfectly rather than if i put gel in the CPU itself.

    by the way, in my bios, it says System shutted down due to thermal event (overheating) PRESS F4 to continue. if i did not press F4 all the way everytime i turned on my PC the alarm sound will rang.
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    Remove all unessential items and then make sure nothing is touching the motherboard. Make sure all of your connections are tight and then clear the cmos (remove the lithium battery on the motherboard).
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