more geforce4 mx 440 problems?

By Uncle Humjaba
Nov 16, 2004
  1. im looking round... i guess this is a pretty problematic card

    Anyway, i play counter strike 1.6, counter strike source, and battlefield 1942 alot (HL2 when i finish downloading it =P). I have the 128MB version of this card, and a friend i have has the 64mb version. His computer has the same specs as mine, but .2GHz slower, the 64mb gfx card and a different sound card.
    in counter strike 1.6, i get 60fps max.

    I'll be looking at my fps while i'm playing, and it is hovering at 59.8/.9 and 60.0. I've done fps_max 100, but it doesnt help. My friend who has the 64mb card gets 100+fps. I have all the new drivers, and my CS resolution is 800x600
    (Yes i know i have too little RAM... that'll be fixed soon)
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