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Following on from my news posting here, I've uncovered a little more information about the new PCI Express standard, which will be replacing AGP within the next couple of years.

First up, there's an announcement here, on, its a couple of weeks old but has some valuable information.

Also, there's an article here from The Inquirer, which gives details of the alliance between ATI and Intel to perfect and push the new PCI Express standard. As you will read, Intel and ATI are "partners" in this venture.

"According to both companies, the first generation of PCI Express will be driven by photo realism, the "digital home", god preserve us, next generation graphical user interfaces, and, above all the peak bandwidth of 4GB/s bidirectionally for the X16 link."

Mind you, I am sure we have all heard all of that "photo realism" stuff before. Could this be the technology to finally deliver? Could be. Post here if you wanna discuss it.


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Actually who cares what they say, the reality is that, right now, the PCI bus is well outdated. Even with 4GB/s peak, the video cards that will be out when the PCI Express reaches to the market won't have an utility for that little bandwidth in the terms of Memory Access. BUT, having that 4GB/s for all the pci devices is a great improvement. Just take a look at Gigabit Ethernet wich won't run at full speed if you don't plug it into a 64bit PCI...


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I don't umderstand. Whats the point of all these bandwidth speed etc etc.

I recently bought a MSi Ti4800SE, and basicly, the software side has not cathched up to the hardware. Basicly when PCI Express starts and they make these Super Super graphics cards. Games will still look the same as it does on my Ti4800.
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