More Physical Memory Dumping issues....

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Jul 22, 2005
  1. I've been encountering the same issues I've seen posted in a few other threads with the computer stopping on the blue screen of death with the Physical Memory dumping message.

    I just installed a Mach Speed Venom V2DP Motherboard. The processor is an Athlon XP 2400. Memory is PNY 512MB @ 2700.

    I installed a hard drive I had in an older computer and reformatted it and installed Windows XP Pro.

    For some reason, the first drive came up with error messages suggesting the drive was bad. I took another spare drive I had and did the same thing. This time I was able to load the system and actually boot up to Windows. I installed the drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard and installed Norton Internet Security.

    The next time I booted the computer it came up on the blue screen of death. I tried to follow the instructions to repair the WinXP install, but it did not give me the option to repair after clicking on F8 (I agree). The only option was to delete the partition and create one.

    Now I'm also getting messages saying that this drive may be bad.

    Both of these drives worked perfectly well in my other computer and were recognized.

    Any suggestions? I've noticed that the computer is running @ about 140f in temp. Could there be a overheating issue? Or could it be the drives or memory? :confused:

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    When Windows crashes with blue screen, it writes a system event 1001 and a minidump to the folder \windows\minidump. Check system event 1001 and it has the content of the blue screen

    Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> System -> Event 1001. Copy the content and paste it back here

    Zip 5 to 6 minidumps and attach the zip files here. I will study the dump and find out the culprit.
  3. NJShoreguy

    NJShoreguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The problem is, I can't get the computer to boot to Windows. Are you suggesting a screen capture of the blue screen with the errors?
  4. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    Try and enter safemode to access the dump files.
    To enter safemode, simply press F8 just before Windows loads. For instance, if your PC displays an "attempting to boot from CDrom" message or something similar before windows starts to load, press and hold F8 at that time until the safemode menu appears.
  5. NJShoreguy

    NJShoreguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I forgot to mention that I tried to go to the Safe Mode but received the same error message.
  6. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    1. Maybe bad RAm. Reseat memory stick to another memory slot
    2. At recovery console, run chkdsk /r
  7. NJShoreguy

    NJShoreguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will reseat the ram to see if it makes a difference. I bought a new hard drive today and will try to do a clean install as well. Perhaps the other 2 drives may have had issues as they are at least 2 years old (tho not used much)
  8. NJShoreguy

    NJShoreguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    On Saturday I reseated the memory. I reformatted the hard drive. I bought a Thermaltake Fan w/Heatsink and replaced the existing fan/heatsink on the CPU. Got a lot of airflow going in the box now. I replaced the CDROM drive and cleaned the lasers in case there was an issue with files not completely loading.

    Finally, I was able to load Windows XP Pro. Booted up fine. I let the computer run a bit. Then I shut down and restarted it several times with no errors.

    Finally, loaded my Motherboard CD. Booted back up fine. Loaded Norton Internet Security and when I booted back up again, I got the frigging Blue Screen of death. This is the message:

  9. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    The STATUS_CANNOT_LOAD_REGISTRY_FILE bug check has a value of 0xC0000218. This indicates that a registry file could not be loaded.

    This bug check will display a descriptive text message. The name of the damaged file is displayed as part of the message.

    This error occurs if a necessary registry hive file cannot be loaded. Usually this means the file is corrupt or is missing.

    In rare instances, this error can be caused by a driver that has corrupted the registry image in memory, or by a memory error in this region.

    Resolving the Problem
    Try running the Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD) and allow the system to repair any errors that it detects. If the problem is a missing or corrupt registry file, this will usually fix the problem.
  10. rjncajndve

    rjncajndve TS Rookie


    I have the similar problem. I think my first harddrive mechanically failed because of "disk read error" when trying to reformat/reboot/fromCD/etc after blue screen. so i bought a new hard drive and started from scratch and it just did the same thing yesterday morning. no "disk read error" yet, so i need to know whats going on before my new drive "locks up" completely as old one did. Right now it at least goes to a blue screen and then shuts down. Cann't access anything but bios where i changed boot sequence to CD first and still no luck.

    Possible link: I had just installed more ram 1 day before problem with first drive. PNY 512M@2700 from office depot. I posted here because i noticed we both had the same ram.
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